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Signing a PDF/A document - visible / invisible - is the PDF/A compliance still valid?

I want to generate a PDF/A document with a signature - when i add a singature to a PDF/A document it can happen that when the signature does not take care of PDF/A the file gets invalid and is not longer a PDF/A document - but later when the signature is added it is not possible to convert the singed PDF document to PDF/A.

Does the actual signature function takes care of the PDF/A and is it possible to sign a PDF/A and to do not loose the PDF/A compliance when sing the document so that the singed document is still a PDF/A ?

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Well, PDF/A standard impose some restrictions regarding the use of color, fonts, annotations, and other elements. Aspose.Pdf also has some restrictions regarding some elements as well like security, file attachments etc. So adding signature and saving the file is not supported with PDF/A format. Please see the following link for further details regarding the restrictions.


Please feel free to contact support in case you have any further query.

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We know the restrictions of PDF/A. But adding a signature is not a PDF/A restriction - it is possible within the PDF/A standard and there are other signature software products which are able to add a singature to a PDF/A and to keep the PDF/A conformity.

So when you say: “<span style=“color: rgb(24, 21, 18); font-family: “Tahoma”,“sans-serif”; font-size: 10pt;”>adding signature and saving the file is not supported with
PDF/A format.” - you mean that it is not supported with Aspose.pdf or does you mean that it is not posssible in the PDF/A standard.

Are there any plans to make the signature PDF/A compliant ?

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Please accept my apologies, actually the security settings are not support but the signatures are supported with PDF/A format. I check with a sample certificate file using the latest version of Aspose.Pdf for .NET v6.6 and it keeps the signature intact in generated PDF/A file. Please download and try the latest version of Aspose.Pdf for .NET and check if it works fine for you.

In case you still face any issue with the latest version, please share your template and resultant PDF files, sample code and the certificate file. We will check your issue and get back to you soon.

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See here - we tried to use the PDF signature function - but it does not work at all - did you know this ? You should not post to use the latest version when it does not work ?


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Regarding my suggestion to use the latest version, I tested your scenario with the latest version and it worked fine with a sample certificate file at my end. So, I suggested you to try the latest version. Also, as you may know that Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET has been discontinued (and merged into Aspose.Pdf for .NET), so we encourage our customers to use the latest version of merged Aspose.Pdf for .NET as all the new feature and bug fixes will be done in the new version (and not in Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET). Now, regarding your issue, I have shared my findings here. Please check it and let us know if your results are different.

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