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I would really like to use this product but I need a very very simple demo - all it needs to do is open a file from server and put 1 single line in it. We have Visual Studio .Net (2005) and I can't seem to figure out how to get the demo on the site installed on our server Tongue Tied [:S] We have other Visual Studio projects running on this server so I am hoping to show this product works so we cna purchase and move forward.

Sorry to be so dumb

Kellie Verrelli Embarrassed [:$]

Hello Kellie,

Thanks for interest in our product.

There is really nothing to be sorry about Smile [:)]. The Web projects under VS2005 are slightly different from VS2003, so we were considering doing a separate set of demos for VS2005 anyway.

We will compose a small demo project and send it to you tomorrow.

Best Regards,

WOW Party!!! [<:o)] Thanks and if I could be so bold some steps for installing - you know the Aspose.words install for dummy's Embarrassed [:$]



The installation tips can be found in the following article:

THANKS Huh? [:^)]

But I still seem to have a problem.

Here is what I have - I have created an Virtual Directory on it's own port (8888) with Asp.Net at 1.1.4

I tested that this website was available by just going to it and viewing the files - I downloaded the DLL to this directory. I then downloaded the demo and extracted them to that directory. I now get a Server Unavailable error ? Tongue Tied [:S]

Any suggestions on where to look to see what I did wrong? Embarrassed [:$]



I am sorry I don't quite get it. Please describe in a more detailed form your actions and the current problem.

Our new demo set for VS2005 is almost ready - please hold on for a couple days more.

No Problem I can wait.

I wonder has anyone every had a problem getting Visual Studio 2005 (.net) to not be able to run a website - I get connection refused? must be some setting but i don't know what

K Broken Heart [U]

Dear Kellie,

Thanks for your interest in our product.

I would however recommend you to use our demo projects as they were designed specially for demonstrating the primary capabilities of Aspose.Words and they are pretty simple at the same time. Just download and run the msi installer which includes the demos. Note you should not create virtual directories or do any additional things manually. The installer registers everything required for proper work of the demos itself.

Then open the Aspose.Words.Demos.WinForms or Aspose.Words.Demos.WinForms.VisualBasic project in Visual Studio 2005 and use its conversion wizard to convert the project to the VS2005 format. Start the project. This will allow you to learn general features of the component and see how they are implemented in code.

If however a Web project is a must, please wait a while. The Web demo projects work fine in VS2003 as they were created in this environment but there is some instability when running them in VS2005. We will try to fix that in the upcoming Aspose.Words 3.6 which is going to be released at the end of April.

Feel free to post here further requests and considerations if you have any.