Singlestep Powerpoints frame by frame



I’m designing an application that needs to play PPT’s as video. To do this I’m planning to single-step a PPT at 25 fps, take a snapshot of each frame, and create a video from these frames. PPT’s can be saved as slides, but then I’ll loose the animations…

Can this be done with Aspose?


Dear nroenn,

You can generate images for each slides with Aspose.PowerPoint but please check it at first.
In some cases generated slides are not absolutely the same as you see it in the MS PowerPoint…



Is there a way to export all slides with animations into pictures? I must have multiple pictures per slide, one picture for each step.

Thank you


Dear Marco,

I’m sorry, it’s not possible.
Ppt file contains only information about type of animation, speed, order and time.
Teoretically you can do it by yourself. All info about animations is available.