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Slides multimedia support (audio & video)


I'm currently evaluating Aspose.Slides for an application to create powerpoint presentations from ASP.NET. One of the requirements is to insert audio and video.

I have read in a previous post that Slides doesn't support inserting audio and video objects into presentations, but that this feature is planned for a future release.

Is this still correct? Has this already been assigned to a future release and when?

Thanks for your help!


Dear Dominic,

Why doesn’t support? Probably it was very old post.
You can insert audio (except CD tracks) and video (AVI) frames.
Please check Shapes.AddAudioFrameEmbedded,
Shapes.AddAudioFrameLinked and Shapes.AddVideoFrame methods.

Hi Alexey,

Thanks for the info.

Wasn't a very old post. You wrote on 28. August 2005:

"Dear Tiest,

Insert video and audio is not possible yet.
We have it in our future planes."