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Slides processing consumes a large amount of heap memory for large PowerPoint file import


We are seeing very high memory consumption while processing bigger PPT/X files that have 200-300 slides. However, irrespective of the file size 5MB-10MB, the processing memory shoots upto 500MB for opening the presentation and goes upto 1GB or above for converting PPTX to Pdf.

This puts a large strain on our resources when handling 4-5 PPTX together. The memory consumption is very high and we face Java runtime out of memory issues.

I have attached a sample presentation. Please let us know how to tune/use Aspose Slides while keeping memory consumption manageable. We are using Slides 2.9.6.

Thanks & regards,

Hi Vimal,

We have shared our latest product release Aspose.Slides for Java 3.0.0. Please try using the specified version as memory consumption issue has been addressed to some extent in this version. I have used heap size 512 Mb on my end it worked on my end.

I also like to add that we will continue to improve this in subsequent product versions. I also like to add that increased size of memory for loading presentation is dependent directly on number of slides. There are many properties associated with slides and when presentation DOM (Document Object Model) is loaded the number of slides plays a significant role. Also, when you export the same presentation to PDF at the same time then additional memory is needed for generating the Jpeg images for each and every slide on back end and then at the end generating a PDF on the basis of those images. This process definitely consumes memory and we are working on improving its efficient in subsequent product versions.

Many Thanks,