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SlidesEx.AddClone is not adding header/footer

I am using SlidesEx.AddClone(Aspose.Slides.Pptx.SlideEx slide, Aspose.Slides.Pptx.MasterSlideEx master) API to copy a slide from one presentation to another at the same time apply MasterSlide for look and feel. It is working fine except it is not adding the header/footer that I have defined in MasterSlide. Any ideas what I should do to get header/footer from master slide to all added slide?



Thanks for inquiring Aspose.Slides.

Can you please share the source presentation along with generated presentation. Please also share the sample project with which you are able to reproduce the issue on your end. Please also highlight the issue incurring so that I may help you out further in this regard.

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Thanks Mudassir for quick response. I have created detailed question with sample file and code in

If possible, could you please close this thread and look at the priority support question.



Hi Bhavesh,

I have shared my response with you over following thread link and have also suggested the work around approach.

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