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Slow Response time for Slides REST API


We have been seeing rather critical response time issues with relatively simple requests to the Slides API via the Ruby SDK. A request to copy a slide from one presentation to another, for example, is taking over 1 minute:

D, [2018-10-19T20:24:33.844901 #53647] DEBUG – : ETHON: performed EASY effective_url=—cff1cf5711950a44d2f764c25d0aec77.pptx&position=14&folder=master_presentations/3/built_presentations/9&storage=storage-staging&appSID=02e41089-5cc9-49c6-911b-7e381e62c860&signature=04DEAo1Gsx8vAyKjreJ74zis3sk response_code=200 return_code=ok total_time=72.347368

We routinely will need to copy up something like 40-60 slides between decks, but having an 1+ hour response time to do so is not acceptable for our clients.

Can we narrow down the particular issue? Is it the request itself that is slow, are requests on a queue system on your end? Is the process of copy/pasting slides, or requesting slide thumbnails, something that should take 1+ minute per slide?

We were having response times closer to 10-20seconds earlier this week, with smaller powerpoint files, but even that was as slow as we were willing to manage.


I have observed your requirements and it seems related to Cloud platform APIs. We will share the feedback shortly with you in this regard.


Can you please proceed to following thread link for your convenience in Cloud support forums where we will share further feedback with you.