Small Problem word -> pdf conversion


Hi there,

I noticed a small problem when I convert my word document to a pdf doc.

I included a zip file that contains the original word and the final pdf document.

If you check carefully at page 7 of both document, you should notice that just below block titled 1. INFORMATIONS offertes (distribuées ou présentées) dans votre milieu de travail

there is an extra space at the first item in the pdf document. The same occure at block 3. of the same page. and on page 9, block 3. Recommandations d’améliorations et de suivis iwhere you can read 1- Former un comité, there is an extra space in the pdf in front of 1-.

Thanks for checking that out!
Keep up the great work & support!



Forgot to attach the document Smile
Here it is


Ok, I kinda found the problem.

The extra spacing occurs when there is a carriage return… instead of converting this carriage return, it simply adds an extra space!

Hope this help,



Thanks, we have logged the issue and will try to reply to you asap.


Attached is your document produced by latest Aspose.Word and Aspose.Pdf versions. I do not see that extra space around the line break characters. Aspose.Word always translates line break characters into $#NL for Aspose.Pdf, never to a space.

You sometimes can see in the XML that Aspose.Word generates that represents empty paragraphs, it is somewhat similar to


in html used to represent empty paragraphs, but it is not a problem and certainly not a problem in your case.

I’ve actually noticed that if a paragraph starts with a line break character then Aspose.Pdf ignores it, this is visible in a couple of places in the document, but this results in a missing empty line, not in an extra space character, I’ve raised this to the Aspose.Pdf team.