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Smart Designer Template file and windows file locking issue


We have a server which reads a smart designer template for report generation.

I am having trouble editing the template while the server is running due to the file always in use or locked by windows.

Is there any workaround for this issue since it is time consuming to restart server every time you make a change to the template. I am only trying to make look and feel changes to the template, fonts, images, etc…

This issue does not occur on linux.



I think, the issue ("File in use..." error) should not be an issue with Aspose.Cells component. To confirm this, please remove all code segments of Aspose.Cells, just open/save the file with IO or FileStreams, without involving Aspose.Cells API. You should get the same error I think.

If you still think it is an issue with Aspose.Cells, please create a sample (runnable) console application/program to paste it here, we will check it soon. Also, give us your environment details and other information.

Also, we recommend you to kindly try our latest version of the product i.e. v7.4.2 if you are not using it already.

Thank you.