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Smart Marker and Skip Parameter

Is it possible to use rows with different styling and merged cells with Smart Markers using the skip parameter. For example, the first row has 5 columns with smart markers placed with skip:1 and noadd parameters. The second row has columns 1and 2 merged and columns 3-5 merged each with smart markers and a skip:1 parameter.



Thanks for your question.

Kindly provide a sample output xls/xlsx file which you want to generate programmatically using Aspose.Cells Smart Marker features.

You can create such an output file manually using Ms-Excel. It will help us investigate your requirement and find a solution.


I am afraid there seems to be no specific logic involved in it and it totally depends on your needs(user specific needs), so it is not possible while rendering smart markers processed data. For your information, for the cells having smart markers with style/formatting, when the markers are processed and new rows/cells are inserted based on the data, these cells would be formatted in the same way as per your original smart markers cells (in the template file).

I think for your specific needs, once the data is rendered into the cells based on the processed markers, you may apply your desired formatting(e.g merging cells, apply style/formatting etc.). See the documents for your reference:
//Merging cells

For data formatting, see the documents in the section:

Thank you.

Attached is sample spreadsheet with what I’m putting in for the markers along with what I end up getting as the output and what I’d like to see. I’m just looking for the first two rows to repeat (each two rows is a record) with the style and merging or each record. For example, the style/formatting for rows 1,3,5,7,9, etc are the same and rows 2,4,6,8,10, etc are the same. When using the skip parameter the rows take the style/formatting from the last row with markers and apply that style/formatting to all rows after that.