Smart marker -- cell copy?



I have a row defined in my designer file which contains columns that are populated via a datatable and the designer.Process functionality. This works fine. One of the cell values in the row is going to be used for data entry and contains a data validation setting on the cell to provide a dropdown list of values for the user to select from. Ofter than copying this cell into every row in the sheet, how can I get Smart markers to duplicate this cell definition onto the rows generated by the processing of the dataset?



Hi Kris,

Do you mean you want to copy the data validation settings to other cells using smart marker?

This feature is not supported yet. Now I am working on data validation APIs. Your requested feature will be available in future release.



I have two validation setting needs:

1) One which conceptually could be handled by a smart marker concept as the setting is the same for each row in the dataset and could be accomplished via a cell copy technique (something like &=={copy}. If this concept makes no sense or is difficult to implement, the API enhancement could be used as an alternative. Once the API supports validation list capabilities, I could use smart markers for the data columns and loop through after Process() and apply the validation settings via a loop.

2) The other validation need I have is specific cells having specific lists of values (known only at sheet generation time). Only an API change can help here.




When data validation APIs are implemented, copying data validations will be easier to get. And your second requested feature will also be available.

Thanks for your patience.