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Smart Marker Repeat Dynamic Formula Problem


When i use &=&=RepeatDynamicFormula in Excel template, I have encountered some problems…

For simple one, it’s OK, e.g.
&=&=DATEDIF(E{r}, F{r}, “Y”)

the above formula will repeat itself for all rows,

but how about the case for a complex one, like:
=TEXT(H{r},“0”)&"Y "&

if i convert that to
&=&=TEXT(H{r},“0”)&"Y "&


it doesn’t repeat itself… I would like to know is Aspose.cell support such kind of formula in &=&=RepeatDynamicFormula? Thanks!


Well, I have tested your smart marker formula "&=&=TEXT(H{r},“0”)&"Y “&

” with my sample template file, it works fine. I have used latest version/fix v5.1.3.7. Please try it, if you still find the issue, kindly do create a console application, zip it and post it here to reproduce the issue, we will check it soon.

Thank you.

Hi… sorry I forgot to mention that I am using the java build: aspose-cells-2.4.1.jar.

I’ve attached the output screenshot for that.



I still could not find the issue. I used the latest version/fix of the Aspose.Cells for Java component (attached). I used a template file with some markers in it. I used Northwind Access database table.
The output file is also attached.

Here is my sample code.
//Create a new Workbook.
Workbook workbook =new Workbook();

//Define the Access Database URL String constant.
final String DB_URL = “jdbc:odbc:driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=e:\test\Northwind.mdb”;

//Load the JDBC-ODBC bridge driver.

//Define the connection.
Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection(DB_URL);

//Create the Statement with the specified cursor type and lock option.
Statement stmt = conn.createStatement(ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE,ResultSet.CONCUR_READ_ONLY);

//Get the ResultSet executing the SQL statement.
ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery(“select EmployeeID,LastName,FirstName,Title, BirthDate from Employees”);

//Instantiating a WorkbookDesigner object
WorkbookDesigner designer = new WorkbookDesigner();

//Open a designer spreadsheet containing smart markers

//Set the data source for the designer spreadsheet

//Process the smart markers

designer.getWorkbook().save(“d:\files\out_smtemplate1.xlsx”, FileFormatType.EXCEL2007);

Please try the attached version.
If you still find the issue, kindly do create a sample test code and attach the input + output files here, we will check your issue soon.

Thank you.