Smart Marker RepeatDynamicFormula


I ran across a minor issue that I was able to get to work, but was wondering the reason. This dynamic formula works as expected:

&=&=VLOOKUP(D{r},ValidManufacturers!$A$2EmbarrassedB$62000, 2, FALSE)

This formula (absolute column 'D') gives an error

&=&=VLOOKUP($D{r},ValidManufacturers!$A$2EmbarrassedB$62000, 2, FALSE)

Error is:

Message "Invalid dynamic formula:=VLOOKUP($D{R},VALIDMANUFACTURERS!$A$2EmbarrassedB$62000, 2, FALSE)" string

at Aspose.Excel.ExcelDesigner.a(Worksheet A_0, Int32 A_1, ArrayList A_2)
at Aspose.Excel.ExcelDesigner.Process(Int32 sheetIndex, Boolean isPreserved)



Hi Kris,

I will check this issue and fix it ASAP.