Some bug with administrative rights


I have next bug:

System.InvalidOperationException : Couldn't get process information from remote machine.
System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception : Access is denied

in next code after Concatenate():

public static Stream Concatenate(Stream firstStream, Stream secondStream) {PdfFileEditor pdfEditor = new PdfFileEditor();
Stream outStream = new MemoryStream();

try {

Stream firstCopy = CopyStream(firstStream);

Stream secondCopy = CopyStream(secondStream);

if (true == pdfEditor.Concatenate(firstCopy, secondCopy, outStream)) {

return outStream;



catch {



return null;


It happens when executor have no Administrative rights.
If I am in Administrative group it works Ok.

(also after Concatenate method firstCopy and secondCopy streams is closed, but
should be better not closed it)


Dear Alexey,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

The bug may occur when the code accesses the pdf files on the remote machine, but I can’t find out these operations from the above code you posted, so it is difficult to locate the bug. Can you detail the testing and deploying environment or your testing code? If you should access these files, you make sure that you have the read and write permission on the remote machine.
I went through the forum, A similar question was posted ever and some instructions were provided.



Thanks for helping.

I attached my test project.
(two files for concatenate method is set as “Embedded Resource”.)

I execute project as Administarator and no have some error.
But when I have “Users” rights I have error.


Dear Alexey,

Your console code was tested on my machine, no error occured.

To monitor directly, I made a negligible modification in the code to output newly created file, then the command of …\TestAsposeKit\bin\Debug\TestAsposeKit.exe was executed by administrator, user and even guest repeatedly, the outputs were good. but the command of …\TestAsposeKit\obj\Debug\TestAsposeKit.exe produced an error because the AsposePdfKit.dll component needed by the exe can’t be found, to avoid the error, the dll and the TestAsposeKit.exe should be at the same directory.

Nice day.



Thanks for helping.

Have you some ideas about my error?


I found out the problem.

On my developer’s machine all works right with various account.
(Win XP Prof Version 2002 SP1)

But on deployment’s machine (Win Server 2003 SP1) I have the error with “Users” account.
Error disappeared when I added my account to “Performance Monitor Users”.
On Win XP such group is absent.