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Some graphic artefact when setPlotOrderReversed


I need to create COLUMN_3D_STACKED chart (and some other) with reversed order of value axis, for this I am using setPlotOrderReversed method for getValueAxis of chart. Chart was drawn almost correctly, but with one unnecessary line (see screenshot). How I can remove it? (if I can, of course).

I have attached screenshot and code, which I am using for generating charts.


Please provide us your code, it could be a bug. We will investigate this issue and update you asap.


Well, it works the same as MS Excel does. I have tested your code and generated the file. If you could open your template file into MS Excel 2007, now select Vertical Value Axis, click “Format Axis”. Now, in Format Axis dialog box, select first “Axis Options” check “Values in reverse order”, you can see the line would appear as mentioned by the image you shared. We follow MS Excel standard, so, it works the same way as MS Excel.

Thank you.

Hi Amjad!

Yes, it seems, that you right! Thank you!