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Some PDF pages are not rendered correctly

Hi Team,

Some PDF pages are not rendered correctly as pg 337 of CFhltabZUZu.pdf.

See attached document:

We use aspose pdf .Net, version



Thank you for contacting support.

Please note that you are using an outdated version of Aspose.PDF for .NET API so please upgrade to Aspose.PDF for .NET 18.8 because it includes more features and bug fixes. Also, the support is provided based on latest available version.

Furthermore, we have been able to reproduce the issue with latest version while using below code snippet. Therefore, a ticket with ID PDFNET-45322 has been logged in our issue management system for further investigation and resolution. The ticket ID has been linked with this thread so that you will receive notification as soon as the ticket is resolved.

// Open document
Document pdfDocument = new Document(dataDir + "CFhltabZUZu.pdf");

using (FileStream imageStream = new FileStream(dataDir + "pg337_18.8.png", FileMode.Create))
    // Create Resolution object
    Aspose.Pdf.Devices.Resolution resolution = new Aspose.Pdf.Devices.Resolution(300);
    // Create PNG device with specified attributes (Width, Height, Resolution)
    PngDevice pngDevice = new PngDevice(resolution);

    // Convert a particular page and save the image to stream
    pngDevice.Process(pdfDocument.Pages[337], imageStream);

    // Close stream

We are sorry for the inconvenience.