Sometime- Unable to read default font properties(Bold-Underline etc) from a PPT File

Sometime, I am not able to read default font properties from a PPT file.

If I make a a new PPT, and add a new text box and don’t change any of its default font property, then while reading aspose object i am getting “Not defined” .
But as soon as i update the font property of a text box in a PPT, I am able to read it properly.

I am attaching a sample file which contains only 1 textbox whose property is set to bold but while reading it , I am getting “Not Defined” instead of Bold.

Hi Ankit,

Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Slides.

I have observed your comments and have worked with the file shared by you. I am unable to reproduce the issue exactly as mentioned by you. I am getting the properties as NotDefined even if I set the bold/underline to true. However, I get the property as false when font is not bold/underline. I request you to please share with us the code sample, which you are using on your end, and the file which gives output as expected so that we may investigate it further to help you out.

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