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Sort Excel Column or ImportDataColumn that takes a DataView


We have a datatable with all the available data, not sorted, not column ordered.
Column Ordering mean, if i have column1,column2,column3,column4 in datatable
I need to rearange the columns --> column4,column2,column1…

We need to bind this data to the Excel, After

1. Sorting the Data and

2. Re-Ordering the Columns.

3. Bind to Excel

My problem, here is,
1. If I create a DataView, I can sort the Data, but cannot
do the column ordering.

2. If I do ExcelCell.ImportDataColumn, which takes only a DataTable (which is not sorted !)

SO, If we have a overriding method ImportDataColumn which takes a DataView
that will solve our problem

OR If we can sort the Excel cell itself (using column name), after binding , will
also solve our Problem.

Pls. Help


Hi Gopi,

Thanks for your suggestion. I will overload ImportDataColumn method to allow you import a column from a data view.

Thanks Laurence,

Sorry for misrepresenting Overload with (OverRide!) and Thanks for the Correction !

Do u know when this modification will be available ?


It will be availabe at the start of next week.

Cool… That’s really fast ! and we really appreciate all you Guys hard work and quick response. Real good Customer Support.



Hi Gopi,

Please download and try v3.4.1 at This new method is supported now.

Works like a Charm ! Thanks you Guys. Wonderful Work.