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Spaces = Line Break?


I am trying to use #$NBS like this:

txtNotes.Segments[0].Content = data.Replace("\n", “
”).Replace(" ", "#$NBS ");

But when the pdf is generated, everything after a $#NBS is on a new line, as if its treating them like line breaks.

I’ve tried the latest version and have the same problem. Any help?


Dear Jeff,

We can’t reproduce this error. Can you please provide complete code that can reproduce this error?

I can’t provide my project as an example, and I don’t really have time to create a dummy project to reproduce it.

I don’t let my users put html into that field anymore, so for a temporary work around, it’s fine.

I can tell you the way my project is basically setup though.

I have a “Shell” xml document that I load up that contains 99% of what I need in the PDF. I think gather some information from the database, and one by one, use GetObjectByID to grab an instance of each text element I need to modify, and update its content accordingly.

In one case, I had html coming in, and the pdf didn’t like the non-breaking-spaces. Sometimes it picked them up, sometimes it didn’t. So I tried converting them to #$NBS but that didn’t work at all, each one became a linebreak.

I verified the xml looked fine, but I didn’t really have a lot of time to dwell on this. If I can in the future i’ll create a dummy project to show you.