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SpaceWithin Fixed value specification (C# .NET)


I want to use Aspose.Slide to set line spacing values for text shapes.
In PowerPoint, line spacing settings are
There are “one line”, “1.5 line”, “two line”, “fixed value” and “number of doubles”.
Aspose.Slides side, “SpaceWithin” item is prepared in “double”.

If you try to put 100, in “one line”
When I put 200, it became “two lines”.
If you put the appropriate number 432 other than that
It became 4.32 of “the number of doubles”.

I want to set in “fixed value”, is there any way to specify it?

Best regard.


I have observed the information shared by you and like to share that the SpaceWithin property accepts float value and there is no template values settings for single, double or 1.5 line spacing. However, you have already mentioned the mapping of spacing values to one appearing as template values in PowerPoint.

Thank you for your reply.

I understand that there is no template setting for interval values,
Do you say that multiples and fixed values are the same? ?

For example, if there are 10pt and 12pt characters in one text frame
If set as a multiple, it will be a multiple for that font size
When specifying a fixed value, the font size does not matter
Because it becomes a fixed interval,
I think that the result is different for multiples and fixed values.


There are points to consider here. When you talk about font size, it is set of portion level inside paragraph of text frame. When you talk about line spacing, it is set on paragraph level of text frame. A text frame has collection of paragraphs and every paragraph has collection of portions inside it. So, you set line spacing for every paragraph in a text frame. Likewise, you can have different font size for text divided in different portions but inside one paragraph. I hope the shared information will be helpful.