Special Character



I am processing a word document with a special character, a “longer” dash. I believe it is the one same as entering with combination ctrl + num lock + ‘-’ in microsoft words. aspose doesnt seems capture it as a normal dash., it seems to be captured as ’ a€“ ’ How do i identify this character? hereby i attached the doc.


shu yih



Thank you for your interest in Aspose.

Could you please explain what does "capture" mean as used here? For example, opening and then saving your file by Aspose.Word results in correct representation of the dash in the saved document.


Sorry. i would like to read that character as a dash. e.g. strResume = New Aspose.Word.Document(File.FullName).Range.Text. If that character is in that particular file, it doesn’t seem to be appeared as dash inside strResume. I am trying to identify all dash inside the words file, including this special combination. How do i identify it?


Shu Yih


You need to look at the character codes. So far I can find
0x002d - normal dash
0x00ad - soft hyphen
0x2013 - en dash
0x2014 - em dash
0x2015 - horizontal bar

I’m not sure why you don’t see the character as a dash. Maybe depends on the font.

It could be a good idea if you post your .doc file here in the forum so we can look at it too.