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Specific requirement for converting Word to HTML

Hi there,

I have a client that has specific requirements around converting a Word document into multiple HTML pages.

The requirement from the client is:

Import a word document that will be cleaned of ‘word rubbish’ tags and generate a multiple page web document that includes:

· Table of Contents (index) page that automatically creates indexed hyperlinks to each Heading 1 and 2 under it.

· Each Heading 1 style entry in the Word document should trigger the creation of a new web page.

· Import and position images, tables and other styles as per the source Word document, but CSS styles override the Word styles.

Most importantly - the HTML produced in the web pages must be cleaned of non-compliant HTML tags.

Can Aspose.Words be used to meet this requirement? I want to integrate this requirement into a web content management system.

Additionally, would Aspose be interested in provinding consulting/development resource to assist us in meeting this requirement? I ma in New Zealand - perhaps your Auckland office could assist me?