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Speed problem

We have developed an application which takes a ppt and seperates it into seperate ppts containing a single slide. For example, we take a 20 slide ppt and convert it into 20 individual ppts containing one slide each. Then, later on, we compose a custom ppt using those individual ppts.

The problem we're having is in the speed of the composing process. If we have a 6 MB ppt whcih contains 53 slides, we get 53 ppts that are about 1 MB each. Then, if we try to compose a new ppt using those 53 ppts, it takes a very long time (several minutes). Is there something we're doing wrong?



Dear Munzilla,

  1. Java or .Net version?
  2. Do you have large images on master slides.
  3. How you check time for composing? On real task or in debugger?

    It’s better to send me this 6Mb presentation and I will check where is problem.

Can I ask how you got the app to split out the slides into separate ppt’s. I get an error with the presentation object. If not I understand…