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Speed questions

i am trying to find a way to create large complex excel docs very quickly and i think that aspose might be my solution. but i need to know what to expect regarding speed - so i have 3 questions:

1. approximately how quickly should i expect to be able to dump an dataset 2,500 rows by 20 columns big into a single sheet (a design document) and have it save to file?

2. approximately how quickly should i expect to be able to make 100,000 individual cell value inserts into a single sheet (design doc) and then save it to file?

3. if i had 2 sheets in my design doc, one for importing values and a second that had cell references to the first, and then i imported a 2,500 row by 20 col dataset into the first sheet, then saved the second sheet to file (as values ONLY) would it be quick? slow? problems?

we tried an initial test of import from data table and it was very slow - 15-20 seconds for 2,500 rows, 10 columns.

thanks for your help.


Hi Paul,

My laptop is PentiumM 1.4G with 512MB memory.

1. If you dump this amount of data to a blank worksheet, it takes 0.3s to import them and 0.7s to save them to disk. However, if you import them into a worksheet with a large amount of data, it will take much more time. I used a template file with 15000 rows x 10 columns data. It takes 103s to import data and 7s to save the file. That's really too slow. I will optimize it.

2. That also depends on the designer file. It will take about 0.6 seconds to import into a blank worksheet.

3. It will be much quicker.