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Split task on PPM export


I’m using the 18.7.1 version of Aspose.

I’m trying to export in different format (PDF and PPM).

Some of my tasks are split, so when I export in PDF format, it works and I see my split parts. However, when I export in PPM, my split parts do not appear and tasks show as non split tasks.

How can I solve this problem?




We believe you wanted to write MPP rather than PPM. Please share your sample input file with us for further investigation at our end.


Sorry for the mistake.
Please find attach to this post the program.cs file and the template used in input. (28.0 KB)



We still couldn’t find any attachment project here for investigation at our end.


I’have provide you the program in the previous reply but still no answer.
Can you give me some informations about my request.




Thank you for contacting Aspose support again.

This issue is re-produced and logged under Id:TASKSNET-2686 for detailed analysis later. We will write back here as soon as some feedback is available in this regard.


Hi, can you give me informations about this bug resolution please?
Can you give me a resolution date?



Thank you for writing back to us.

This issue is still under investigation and we are working on this. This shall probably be resolved with Aspose.Tasks for .NET 19.1 Release.



you say to me that the fix will be available for the 19.1 release. But, in the release note (19.1 and 19.2), bugs are not referenced.
Theses bug are criticals for our needs, can you provide provide a resolution date.




The issue is not resolved yet and it is planned to be a part of our next version which is 19.3. We will update you here once we have more information to share.