Splitting document



We are developing a web application where users upload a .doc file, we count the words in the document and depending on the number of words split the document in N parts. This means, that we divide the document taking care to not divide any paragraph. This functionality was made with Office automation, but for some reasons we want to change it.

As I understand you don’t have any built in function for counting the words in a document, but that may be solvable.

My questions are:

Is it possible to find where the end of a paragraph is? How?

How do I get the formatted text of a paragraph to enter it in a new document?




Hi Attila,

Thank you for considering Aspose.Word.

Please read this topic related to parsing the documents and obtaining formatted text:


However, we’re going to release Aspose.Word v3 very soon that will allow to do much more things related to the extraction.