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Sql Server integration ...?

Re: Recurrence, c# webform

The dept head just ordered this product. We are in a SQL environment. Here, xml is not an option. Where can we get our hands on documentation re: permanent record storage in SQL Server? We can programmatically generate date occurrences and save them to our db. We can even create a Task table to store a description, with the name. BUT if someone uses the interface to delete a task, the corresponding occurrences would not disappear (as they do in the demo). So what is the best practice/techniques for integration of this product with SQL Server?


Aspose.Recurrence is just an engine to calculate occurrence dates for a recurrence pattern. It also support saving patterns in XML format.

I’m not exactly sure what is your requirement for SQL server integration and what is the problem.

Do you mean you need to store patterns in a SQL server table? If yes, then the best is to save the pattern into an XML string and store it in a field in the table. I’m not sure why this could cause any problems. You can implement your own serialization if you want to.

We are working on the next release of Aspose.Recurrence and it will support patterns in iCalendar text and XML formats too.