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Ssrs and inter texbox paragraph formatting - what am i missing

here is the situation:

I have static text in a text box in reporting services 2008r2 with paragraph formatting. (meaning i am not sourcing it off of any data, just type some text in a box, hi-light it, change the indent options for different ranges of text in microsoft sql report builder 3.0) When I use the aspose ppt or pptx export functionality, no paragraph formatting commands are honored except those specified on a textbox level. if I use the default (non aspose) pdf, html, tiff or word exports (that come with ssrs) formatting is honored. this was discovered because i need to create an indented layout of text (nested bulleted list without bullets), which i WOULD do with the list functionality, except your product dosent support this either.

None of the demo aspose exports other than the ppt (which is the only registered one we have) seem to generate documents that i can read (pdf is corrupt, html errors out etc) (though they are probably a year old)

What am i missing here?

i am using:
powerpoint 2010
ssrs 2008
um… not sure off hand the version of aspose slides for ssrs we are using, but its the latest version from when we purchased our license (last fall i think)

Hi David,

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Slides.

Please use the latest version of Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services 3.9.0. If you still face problem, please share your .RDL file with us for investigation purposes.