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SSRS subscription generated PDF not showing barcodes

I have 2 reports that work just fine from VS, as well as from SSRS report manager.

From those 2 places the report is generated correctly and can be exported to .pdf and all is good.
however, when the reports are run through a data-driven subscription, the barcodes seem to randomly appear or disappear on the various .pdf files generated.
I can run the subscription multiple times and get different results each time (some files that did not have them before will and vice-versa).
Any ideas what could be causing this?


Thank you for inquiry.

Could you please tell which version of Aspose.BarCode for Reporting Services, Windows OS (x86/x64) and MS SQL Server are you using? I could not reproduce the issue with dataset based reports at my end.

However, I remember we had such an issue with dataset based reported around 2 years ago, which was resolved.

I downloaded the latest release to attempt to fix the problem, v 2.5.0.

The server is running 2008 R2 Standard, and SQL 2008 R2 x64.

They are dataset based reports linked to a SP.

The subscription generated 183 pdf files, it seems like the smaller reports are more often than not missing the Barcodes while the bigger ones have them.