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Stacked Bart Chart Data labels coming from embeded excel of chart does not refresh the format until we click on Edit Data


We have scenario where stacked bar chart data labels are coming from embedded excel of the chart. The cell value for each data label has a formula which is basically dividing one value of series from total value of row. When we generate the files the data label shows the value but they are not formatted in percentage i.e label will be showing 0.667677 but as soon as we click on edit data it shows up as 67% which what we to show.
Is there a way to refresh the chart or is there an example of how to implement it. We have aspose slide .net version.


It should display as percentage if the value is in percentage. You can please share the working sample code along with source file and working sample code and generated output with us.

As soon as we click on edit data it starts displaying as percentage on data labels but before it keeps on showing values in points. I can send a demo solution by Monday. Thanks!


Thank you. We will be looking forward to hear from you.