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Standard Height


In Aspose.Cells documentation. I find the StandardHeight property in the property of Cells. But there was no measurement unit. Why is that? I think (after made some calculation) that it’s in point. But why didn’t specified it from the beginning? Is it really in point after all?

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Cells.StandardHeight :
is in unit of Point.

So height in unit of pixels is (Cells.StandardHeight / 72f) * DPI.(The normal DPI is 96)

is in unit of character.

So the width in unit of pixels depends on the default font setting. We will add get/set StandardWidthPixel to directly get and set the default width in unit of pixels.

You should update your documentation then. Or call it StandardHeightPt like you’ve done for the image.

Thanks for your quick answer !


Thanks for your suggestion. We are in the process of upgrading our documentation and update it asap.