Still getting evaluation message after applying license


I’m attempting to set the license for Aspose.Word with the
Aspose.Custom.lic (Developer Enterprise Subscription). Here is my code
which I have placed in my Application_Start (ASP.NET application):

Dim license As License = New Aspose.Word.License


The copy of the license is in my \bin subdirectory.

When I perform a mail merge to Word, I do not get any errors, except
that I am still getting the red evaluation message. I have read through
all of the related posts on this forum. I also tried the embedded
resource option with no luck.



If someone can help me with this license issue pretty quick, it would be much appreciated.


Please make sure that the SetLisence method gets executed by setting a breakpoint on it and running your app in debug mode.


I’m an idiot. It’s working now in development. Thanks for your help.