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Stop sending Task Email with Recurrence End Type as EndAfterDate and EndAfterNOccurrences options Returns

Hi Team,

I tried with code that was shared by you in below post link, but unable to send email for the both end type EndAfterDate and EndAfterNOccurrences.

You can try with the code shared here(
Try to send task as email to an outlook account that is with Exchange Server.

Eventually I reached to this result if SMTP account type configured with outlook is POP3 then able to receive but if it configured with Exchange Server then it stop sending email. Not work properly as expected.

This is what i am expecting. Please share what is your thought on this?

Warm regards,

Hi Vipin,

I have used the same code mentioned by you and just set the To address to an exchange account. This account is configured in Outlook on the receiving end. While sending this task through your code, no issue is observed and task was mailed properly to the exchange (2010) account. I used the latest assembly Aspose.Email for .NET 5.4.0 for this testing.

Please use as TO address in your sample code and send a task mail on this exchange account. I will share the snapshot of the received task in my outlook here.


Two things,

1. I have 2013, might be some compatibility issue or some setting that we missing?
2. Can you please send me on So that i can verify the same at my end, it would be really helpful and to confirm the same issue.

Thanks in advance

Hi Vipin,

I am also using Outlook 2013 and no special configuration is done. All the default settings were selected while configuring the account.

I have sent you a task on "" and at my test account on Gmail. I am sending you the snapshot of the same task received at my end. Exact code is again attached here for your reference.