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Style language is not set in mail-merged documents

My application uses Aspose.Word to generate documents from a template using Document.MailMerge. In the template all the styles based on Normal pick up the language setting (English UK), but in the output document only Normal has the language set. None of the other styles have their language set. My customer's users have to specifically reset the language before they can spell check - it's not happening and there are quality issues.

How can I retain the styles' language? I haven't found any reference to this problem in the forums, though others must have met this problem. Any help very welcome.

If you attach your document here, we will be happy to look at it and resolve the languages issue.

Here is a template and a document generated from it by mailmerge. In the template you'll see that there are many formatting styles used as well as Normal, and all of them have their language set to English U.K. In the generated document, as far as I can see all the styles apart from Normal have lost their language, but not Normal itself. I've attached comments to one Normal and one other bit of text to illustrate this.

Sorry nothing attached is seen here… Please reattach the documents.

Zipped documents attached. I wonder how I lost them before - could it be Preview? I’m browsing to the file and it’s showing on the Post a New Message form, but this time I’ll click directly on Post, which hopefully will upload the file successfully.

Thanks now it is here. We’ll review it asap.

Just picked up version - problem fixed. Many thanks.