StyleIdentifier to locale

is possible to have the locale translated string of StyleIdentifier Enumeration ?
Example for the italian
StyleIdentifier.Heading1…“ToLocaleString” = “Titolo 1”

Thanks for your request. Unfortunately, it is impossible. You can create a dictionary and write translations there. See the following example.

// create dictionary
Hashtable table = new Hashtable();
table.Add(StyleIdentifier.Heading1, "Titolo 1");
table.Add(StyleIdentifier.Heading2, "Titolo 2");
table.Add(StyleIdentifier.Heading3, "Titolo 3");
table.Add(StyleIdentifier.Heading4, "Titolo 4");
table.Add(StyleIdentifier.Heading5, "Titolo 5");
table.Add(StyleIdentifier.Heading6, "Titolo 6");
// extract value
string value = table[StyleIdentifier.Heading1].ToString();

I hope that it will help you.
Best regards.