Subscript and special chatacter manipulations in a cell and checkbox API



I've the the following questions.
- How can I make just one character in a cell (not the whole cell) subscript? (please see the A1 in the attchment)
- How can I add the "less than or equal to" symbol (= under <) (please see the A1 in the attchment
- Also, is it possible to locate a checkbox and tick it in excel with the latest version of Aspose.Cells? (please see the A3 in the attchment)
Please see the attachment for examples.

Thanks very much.


1. To make just one character subscript, please check .

2. To put "less than or equal to" symbol, please try:

Excel excel = new Excel();

3. Please try attached version. It cannot access checkbox in your template file but it can create checkbox at run time.

int index = excel.Worksheets[0].CheckBoxes.Add(15, 15, 20, 100);
CheckBox checkBox = excel.Worksheets[0].CheckBoxes[index];
checkBox.Text = "Check Box 1";