Support for Bookmarks within Word Documents



I am creating a web version of an existing VB application that creates mailmerge letters from database info using bookmarks as placeholders.

My question is does your Apose.Word support bookmarks and the inserting of text into the document at that position ?

Thanks and best regards,
Tony Hill


Hi Tony,

We are working on support for bookmarks right now. It will be possible to navigate DocumentBuilder to a bookmark and insert content at that position. Please check back in a week or so - it will be ready by then.


Hi Roman,

That is good news.

Once this feature is available I will be making a purchase.

Thanks very much.



Hi anthill,

We have release Aspose.Word 1.4.9 that supports bookmarks, hopefully in the way you need it.


Hi Roman,

Thanks for getting the bookmark support in Aspose.Word - great !!

One more thing, any chance that you can expose a collection or array or bookmarks that are in the document ? This would make the project I’m working on a snip to do.


Best regards,


This should not be a problem, so I’ll include it in the next hotfix.


Hi Tony,

Can you please clarify what do you want to be able to obtain from the collection of bookmarks? Bookmark names? What else?


Please check latest Aspose.Word 1.5.1 it exposes Range.Bookmarks collection.


Hi Roman,

That’s sounds ideal for me at this stage.

Thanks very much for the very quick turnaround.
It makes a refreshing change to be able to deal with such a responsive company - top marks !!!

Best regards,