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Support for Excel-like column overspill?

  1. In our project we are getting DataTables from the application and printing them to a PDF.

    2. Sometimes these DataTables contain too many columns to fit the width of the PDF page.

    3. Thanks to some AposePDF hotfixes, I am now able to get the total width that the columns are going to take up and can compare this number to the maximum width that the page has available to print those columns. If the columns won’t fit, I can throw an exception.

    4. However, we now want to – instead of throwing an exception – go ahead and print all the columns but spread them out over MULTIPLE PAGES. I COULD do this by breaking my DataTable up into 2 or more DataTables and then printing them out one after another, but this is not satisfactory since (1) the pages that belong together will not be printed together and (2) depending on the amount of text and word-wrapping going on in the columns, the height of the columns will make the pages get out of sync.

    5. What we need is a way to say something like this:

    table.ColumnOverspill = true;

    and the AsposePdf.dll will handle this by itself, much like Excel does if you have more columns that will fit on a page.

    Would this be possible to implement?


Dear Edward,

Thanks for your consideartion.

The feature you want is possible to implement, but it will cost me much time. Since I have planed to add support for pdf editing and HTML, I have to consider implement this feature when my current work is finished, which will be 2 months later.