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Support for Image Enhancement?


Is there any built-in functions that would allow me to sharpen and de-speckle a TIFF image programatically?



Hi Doug,

Thank you for considering Aspose APIs.

Please, follow the link: Adjusting Brightness, Contrast and Gamma

This documentation will guide you how to handle lightness, darkness, brightness and Contrast of an image. You can also manipulate the Gamma option that optimizes the contrast and brightness.

Hope the above information fulfills your need. In case you need more information, please elaborate more about your requirements. We will be glad to assist you.

Hi Doug,

Adding more to Ikram’s response, as a Tiff image could have several frames so you might be interested in enhancing each frame individually. You can simply do that by loading the image in an instance of TiffImage and iterating over the collection of frames as elaborated below.


//Load a Tiff image
using (var image = (TiffImage)Image.Load(filename))
foreach (TiffFrame frame in image.Frames)
//enhance each frame while using
// TiffFrame.AdjustBrightness, TiffFrame.AdjustContrast & TiffFrame.AdjustGamma
//Saving the changes to the Tiff