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Support visCaseAllCaps and visCaseInitialCaps character formatting in SVG export [java]

It would be nice if a shape’s character case setting from the shape sheet was respected, so that when case is set to visCaseAllCaps, all the text in the exported text is upper case (either by up-casing the text) or using CSS styling. Same goes for visCaseInitialCaps.

See the attached zip for an example of the problem. You’ll see the case is shown properly in the Visio generated SVG, but not in the Aspose SVG. (14.4 KB)



Thanks for your inquiry.

We have logged an enhancement request as DIAGRAMJAVA-50684 in our issue tracking system for the implementation of required feature. We will further check the feasibility of this enhancement and let you know as soon as it is implemented. Please be patient and spare us some time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.