Svg image as backgroud

Hi Support,

I am using Aspose.Slides for java and 2007 PPTX. I wish to use an svg as background image of an ellipse. I cannot find an example. Please point me to the example or guide for the task.


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Hi Van Ommen,

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Slides.

I have observed the requirements shared by you and regret to share that the support for adding the SVG image in presentation is not available in Aspose.Slides and even PowerPoint does not allow to load SVG image in the shapes. If you ought to add the SVG image to slide shapes, you need to first convert that to PNG, JPEG, EMF or BMP using third party APIs like BaltikSvg and then add them to slides using the sample code given over this documentation link. Please share, if I may help you further in this regard.

Many Thanks,

Hi Muddassir,

Things seem to have improved from release 17.7 which introduces the addFromSvg method on the Image collection of the presentation.
We have tested this on some svg files relevant to us, but in some respects, elements are missing:

  • elements do not show up at all
  • (part) of the lines in the svg are missing
  • In some cases the dashing lines is not right.

Should I create a new issue with the problems we find, including code to reproduce them?

With kind regards,
Ad van Ommen (PwC Netherlands)


I have observed your comments. Please share source files along with environment details and generated result in separate thread so that we can better help you out. Before sharing requested information i suggest you to please try to use Aspose.Slides latest version 18.2 on your end and please share feedback with us if there is still an issue.