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System.ArgumentException at Aspose.Pdf.PageCollection.Add(ICollection pages)

I am running into an exception when trying to add pages to a document. Specifically I want to merge multiple documents into one, so I am using the document.Pages.Add method as recommended. I am testing with four files, and on the second one Aspose.Pdf throws an exception. The relevant code is as follows (error occurs on the bold line half way down) :

using (System.IO.FileStream output = new System.IO.FileStream(temporaryFilePath, System.IO.FileMode.CreateNew, System.IO.FileAccess.Write))
using (System.IO.MemoryStream input = new System.IO.MemoryStream())
foreach (FilesToJSONObj o in objJSON)
int dlCount = 0;

                    var dlsession = v.ObjectFileOperations.DownloadFileInBlocks_BeginEx(o.FileVer.FileId.InternalId, o.FileVer.InternalVersion, MFFileFormat.MFFileFormatPDF);
                    dlCount = (int)dlsession.FileSize;
                    byte[] dlBuffer = v.ObjectFileOperations.DownloadFileInBlocks_ReadBlock(dlsession.DownloadID, dlCount, (long)0);
                    input.Write(dlBuffer, 0, dlBuffer.Length);

                    Document tmp = new Document(input);

                    //// optimize document

                concPDF.Save(output, Aspose.Pdf.SaveFormat.Pdf);


                sourceObjectFiles.Add(-1, new SourceObjectFile()
                    Extension = "pdf",
                    SourceFilePath = temporaryFilePath,
                    Title = concPDF.Info.Title
Error message: System.ArgumentException HResult=0x80070057 Message=An attempt to create annotation using invalid dictionary. Source=Aspose.PDF StackTrace: at Aspose.Pdf.Annotations.Annotation.#=z3HYDyCg=(#=zeqPv5wX8l1s2hK00ogdKmgmkXLaj70A7Iw== #=zIlB3gH9gXBOE8FDTCw==, Page #=zKQHMiyU=) at Aspose.Pdf.Annotations.AnnotationCollection.#=zAUfHViyDX64E.#=zbk0Zhuxe1vlf() at Aspose.Pdf.Annotations.AnnotationCollection.#=zcvCd6O0=..ctor(List`1 #=z8QQ1xfU=, Page #=zKQHMiyU=) at Aspose.Pdf.Annotations.AnnotationCollection.GetEnumerator() at Aspose.Pdf.PageCollection.#=zpucJsIzXRgQX(Page #=zKQHMiyU=) at Aspose.Pdf.PageCollection.#=z0jQq_M0=(Page #=zeIA_7SY=, #=zjznvyO74l$_Ek9yG65NB6E6NMjAe #=zSnlT$2Mddeew) at Aspose.Pdf.PageCollection.#=z0jQq_M0=(ICollection`1 #=zxFHs8Oo=, #=zjznvyO74l$_Ek9yG65NB6E6NMjAe #=zSnlT$2Mddeew) at Aspose.Pdf.PageCollection.Add(ICollection`1 pages) at Coex.MFCustomizationsMFtoSTA.VaultmanagerCN.VaultApplication.GetConcatenatedPDF(Vault v, ObjVerEx obj, String startChar) in C:\Users\Bruker\source\repos\Coex.MFCustomizationsMFtoSTA.VaultmanagerCN\Coex.MFCustomizationsMFtoSTA.VaultmanagerCN\VaultApplication.cs:line 551 at Coex.MFCustomizationsMFtoSTA.VaultmanagerCN.VaultApplication.PostProcessingWorkflowStateHandler(StateEnvironment env) in C:\Users\Bruker\source\repos\Coex.MFCustomizationsMFtoSTA.VaultmanagerCN\Coex.MFCustomizationsMFtoSTA.VaultmanagerCN\VaultApplication.cs:line 101 at MFiles.VAF.StateMethodInfo.RunAction(StateEnvironment environment, IExecutionTrace trace)

I will attach the file in question as well. Funny thing is that file was an excel spreadsheet converted to PDF by another application, which also uses Aspose.


Thanks for contacting support.

Can you please share source file so that we may further investigate to help you out.

Any progress with this???
I guess it may also help knowing that the file I am trying to add was converted from .xlsx to .pdf by using Aspose as well. The version of the assembly Aspose.Pdf that this application uses is not the same as I am using for concateneting, could this be an issue??



I like to inform I have worked with sample code share by you and that contain some undefined variables. Would you please share SSCCE code that you are using for this which I already requested you along with source files as well , so that we may try to reproduce and investigate it in our environment.