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My coworker is
experiencing a similar issue with Aspose.BarCode. His code does not
explicitly call Response, but, when he wraps an instantiation of
BarCodeWebControl in a try-catch, he gets the same
ThreadAbortException. Our assumption is that there’s a call to
Response somewhere in your code. I realize this is unrelated to
Aspose.Pdf, but as it appears to be a similar issue, perhaps both may
be resolved in the same fashion.

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For the TheadAbortException of Aspose.Barcode webcontrol, here is the details,

In the barcode image rendering in asp.net, we call the Response.End in showing the images to client. Response.End will raise the ThreadAbortException itself. It is a known issue for asp.net. Why we call this mthod? The barcode control first creates the barcode image in the first postback, and save the image into memory. Then barcode control will trigger another postback itself to return the cached images to client -- Response.End will be called in this time to avoid further processing behavors. This exception will not cause any problems.

Solution: Please ignore the ThreadAbortException raised by Aspose.Barcode webcontrol. Or use the HttpHandler to show barcode images.

Feel free to let me know if you have any issues.

Best wishes.