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Table.Caption Property?


I think it would be quite useful to support table captions like HTML
tables do. Currently, I have to alter the HTML so that it looks
like this:

This is the caption.

I treat the caption as a text segment outside the table, but this is not ideal since it won't get the table's styles (at least not without a lot of code to accomplish this). Will you consider adding a Caption property that makes it easier to render table captions?

Thanks, Natan

Dear Natan,

Thanks for your suggestion.

In fact there is a "Title" property in the Table class but it can't work well. What I do to add a caption or title to table is just add a paragraph before the table. What do you mean by "it won't get the table's styles"?


I didn’t notice the Title property before. If I set the Title
property, will it render the title outside the table like a caption?

In reference to “getting the table’s styles”, a class applied to a table will cascade down to the caption. For example:

This is the caption.

In order to render a table caption, I have to manually move the line of HTML outside the table so that it renders a text paragraph before it sees the table. Then I have to copy the table's class to make sure it looks the way a web browser would display it. For example, I convert the code above into:

This is the caption.


This is a hassle and it would be better if your component made it easier to render captions.

Thanks, Natan

Thanks for the detailed info. I will consider this issue. If you set

, should all the content in the table be red, including text and border?

If you assign the following class to the

tag, everything inside the table is red (including the caption).



color: Red;

border: 1px solid #FF0000;


In other words, classes assigned to the
tag cascade hierarchically to elements contained within the tag.

Thanks for your detailed info. I will consider supporting this next month.