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Table Cell Text and Fonts


I have a presentation defined with a table on one slide, I need to be able to change the text within each cell. I am able to change the text, but the font seems to default back to some unknown default. I have set the original table font to be Century Gothic/12pt, but when I change the text it becomes Arial/28pt. There doesn't seem to be a way to set the font on the cell text. Is this possible?

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Do you use last version of Aspose.Slides? We had problem in several previous versions with changing table cells.
If you use last one then please provide example of you code which shows how you change text and fonts.

I have version

I have not tried to change the fonts. I set the font in the template presentation. I am not certain how to change the font in a table cell. I was assuming that if I set the font in the template just updating the text would not change it to something different.

if this is not the case could you either send me a way to change the font, or point me in a direction to do this.

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I have figured this out. Thank you