Table error "Value too large"



I like to use your component for automaticly converting excel files (2000,XP) to SpreadsheetML files. This works fine but if I open it in excel 2003 is gives an error (Table) and the log file of excel says “Value too large” and it is not shown correctly in 2003. Simular if I save the same excel in 2003 to SpreadsheetML and convert it using your component I get an error ({“Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.\r\nParameter name: Row height must be between 0 and 409.” } but no row height found in the xml higher as 409 ?).
My question is how compatible your spreadsheetML implementation is and if these errors are known ?
I am using the evaluation version (.NET .

Kind regards,
Martin Folkerts


Hi Martin,

Could you please post your file here? It may contain some feature that Aspose.Excel doesn’t support yet. We will check it ASAP. Thank you.


Here are the files:

UrenPlanning_origineel.xls original excel 2000 file
test_aspose_spML_read_as_2000.xml spreadsheetML by aspose
UrenPlanning_save_Excel_2003.xml spreadsheetML by excel 2003

Good luck !


And a ‘simple’ test with same error…

test_file_2.xls org excel 2000
test_file_2_spML.xml spreadsheetML by aspose
test_file_2_spML_office_2003.xml spreadsheetML by excel 2003


Which version of Aspose.Excel are you using? I don’t find the problem. Please try v3.4 at .