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Table.IsBroken not functional?

What exactly does Table.IsBroken and Table.IsRowsBroken refer to?

The help file says:
IsBroken: Gets or sets a bool value that indicates whether the table is broken or not.
IsRowsBroken: Gets or sets a bool value that indicates whether the row is broken or not when its table is broken.

But when I create a simple table and add text to a cell where the text is Table.IsBroken.ToString() the value is always true. Same thing for Table.IsRowsBroken.ToString().

At first I thought ‘Broken’ meant it spanned the page either horizontally or vertically.
I had wanted to do this:

if( table.IsBroken == true || table.IsRowsBroken == true) {
table.IsFirstParagraph = true;

Is the above possible in some other way? How can I make it so that if a table spans a page it starts on the next page rather than spanning?

Here’s the sample code that always returns true for IsBroken and IsRowsBroken…

public Pdf GetTest() {
Pdf pdf = new Pdf();

Section section1 = new Section(pdf);

//Create main table
Table table = new Table(section1);
for( int i = 1; i <= 5; i++) {
AddRow(pdf, table, “IsBroken=” + table.IsBroken.ToString());
AddRow(pdf, table, “IsRowsBroken=” + table.IsRowBroken.ToString());
return pdf;

private void AddRow(Pdf pdf, Table table, string s1) {

Row row1 = new Row(table);

Cell cell1 = new Cell(row1);
cell1.FitWidth = 200;
Text text1Cell1 = new Text();
cell1.Paragraphs = new Paragraphs();
Segment seg1Text1Cell1 = new Segment(text1Cell1);
seg1Text1Cell1.Content = s1;

Dear csuire,

Thanks for your consideration.

The value of the Table.IsBroken and Table.IsRowBroken should be set by user. If Table.IsBroken is set to false, the table will start at next page when it spans pages. and if Table.IsRowBroken is set to false, the row will start at new page when table spans pages. But Table.IsBroken can’t work now due to some bugs. We will fix these bugs in the next fix.

Dear csuire,

Thanks for your consideration.

Please download hot fix here.