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Table start issue

Hi Team,

i am using aspose.words table start functionality but when there is no row in this then i am getting just the token name printed.(see attached output and review 2nd page in the middle)
please let me know how to resolve this.


Hi Rajendra,

Thanks for your inquiry. I have attached a PDF document that is produced on my side here for your reference. Please create a screen shot that highlights the problematic area in this PDF and attach it here for further testing.

Best regards,


Even in your output tablestart is having issue.
see the doc file which has screenshot of the issue.


Please respond with solution as this issue is very critical for me and i cannot proceed without solution.

Hi Rajendra,

Thanks for your inquiry. A universal solution would be to use RemoveUnusedRegions as this instructs the mail merge engine to remove any regions which are not merged with any data.

I hope, this helps.

Best regards,