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Table Widths & Split Table Errors

I’ve written code that creates a nested table structure and assigns table and cell widths based on the HTML it reads in. In effect, I’m writing an HTML to PDF converter that my company can control in terms of tag support.

I’ve debugged my program to the point where it successfully parses the HTML and creates the necessary Pdf objects. The problem is that not all the table rows are being written to the PDF document. Adjusting the parent table’s width allows more rows to be written out, and if the width is too small, I’ll get a “Split Table Error”. Also, if I set IsFirstRowRepeated = True, some rows will be missing from the final PDF document.

Since I can’t debug the Section.AddParagraph( ) method, what’s the connection between table widths and “Split Table” errors?

Thanks for your help.

Here’s a better question:

Is there a correct and incorrect way to create a nested table structure with your API?

For example:

Dim pdfTable As New Table( )


Dim pdfTable As New Table(pdfCell) // Does this create a table with the cell’s properties?

Dear Cohenn,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

1) When using Dim pdfTable As New Table(pdfCell), the new table should inherit format info from the parent cell. If you found it won’t, please let me know.

2) As for the split table error, can you please give me an example that can reproduce this error?