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TableRow/Cell height is being doubled

Hello Aspose.PDF Team,

Thanks for the great product, it has really enabled me to meet my client's requirements. However, I keep getting 1 cosmetic issue that my client is finally insisting that I solve. I've reworked the page several times and I still can't eliminate this issue. Notice in the image below that the cell that contains "Project Details" is twice the height as "Primary Partner". There are sub-title rows/cells in the PDF but only 1 has this double-height issue.

I'm using version from 2006.03.29.

Here you can see the full PDF.

Here is a copy of my source code, the line for the cell in question is #333.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.



Dear Terry,

Since you are using an old version, can you please try the latest hotfix? If it still won't work please let me know.

That fixed it, thanks for the tip!